Schools plagued by “sexting” craze, says MP

SCHOOLS are in the grip of a “strip-tease culture” fuelled by the rise of smart phones, an MP has warned.
Labour’s Diane Abbott says teachers and parents are powerless to halt the growing craze of sending lewd pictures by text.
She fears mobile technology has saturated young lives with porn in a way they were not 20 years ago.
The shadow health minister added: “I think many teachers and parents are struggling to cop.
“While parents are unlikely to allow their children to see an 18 film, now boys and girls as young as 10 or 11 can go online and see stuff they could not buy in a newsagent.”
Ms Abbott is alarmed by the rise in “slut shaming” – sexual bully by mobile phone or internet.
In a keynote speech this week, she will say: “Young people are accessing far harder pornographic images than 10 or 15 years ago.
“We have to ask, does that influenece what they themselves put on the internet?”
Ms Abbott insists she is not being prudish or hankering after some “rose-tinted picture of childhood”.
But she wants to “change the wallpaper of children’s lives” by bringing in more positive role models.
“Schools should encourage girls to value their bodies in terms of their physical ability,” she will say.
“We need more Jessica Ennis, less Paris Hilton.”
She added: “We need a sex education revolution in ordinary British schools. We need Statutory personal, social, health and economic education and sex and relationships education.
“Sex education must focus on preparing young people to form healthy respectful, emotionally fulfilling relationships, and also deal with the issues of self-esteem.
“Gender equality issues need to be central on the educational agenda, and throughout the curriculum.”

Internet porn crackdown – victory for campaigning Claire Perry


TOUGH new curbs to protect kids from internet porn were unveiled today in a hard-fought victory for rookie MP Claire Perry.

Mum-of-three Mrs Perry has been battling with ministers since the day she was elected for a change in the law to block all adult material from family computers.

Full marks to the dogged Tory, who  never gave up – even when internet giants convinced officials her idea was impossible.

Perry Power: MP Claire

Four companies have now caved in to Perry power and will force customers to opt IN if they want to view explicit sites in future.

The crackdown comes after a tireless campaign mounted by the Devizes MP. Mrs Perry hounded ministers into forcing  internet providers to adapt the system used to block paedophile material to cover all pornography.

She kept on fighting,  even when an ill-tempered  meeting with web chiefs broke down last May – as I reported at the time in the News of the World.

David Cameron today announced that all porn will be blocked when a customer buys a new internet package from  BT, Sky, Talk Talk or Virgin – unless they opt in.

Mrs Perry should be delighted with her stunning success but has vowed to continue campaigning for even more safeguards.

She said: “I see this as the first step in a long journey. The government is moving along the right lines. Next we need to be protecting all those millions who already have an internet connection.

“I have no desire to ban porn. All I want is to stop children stumbling across graphic images by accident.”

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