Chillax…the Prime Minister’s down time

DAVID Cameron has been branded the most laid-back Prime Minister in modern history after details of his secret leisure habits were revealed.
He switches off by playing snooker, watching “crap” films, quaffing three or four glasses of wine with lunch and having an afternoon nap.
Family weekends at Chequers are spent playing tennis against a machine dubbed “the Clegger”.
His country retreat even has a karaoke machine where he whiles away the evenings.
A close pal denied claims Mr Cameron is lazy but admitted: “If there was an Olympic gold medal for chillaxing he would win it.
“He is capable of switching off in a way that almost no other politician I know of can.”
The PM’s pastimes are laid bare in a new book which lifts the lid on his downtime at Chequers.
It will revive claims by critics that he is too lazy and complacent and is tempted to coast.
Tory and Labour opponents have dubbed him “DVD Dave” for his love of boxed sets and have poked fun at his weekly “date nights” with wife Sam.
But supporters say his ability to unwind helps him cope with the strain of the job without going off the rails.
His Sunday routine starts with an early thumb through the papers, according to the book “Cameron, Practically a Conservative” by Francis Elliott and James Hanning.
He then checks a few things on his computer and may take a couple of phone calls.
But he doesn’t go back obsessively checking the computer or re-writing speeches or fretting about what Sunday columnists have written.
A pal said that after absorbing information and telling his aides what action to take, he tells himself: “I will now go into the vegetable patch, watch a crap film on telly, play with the children, cook, have three or four glasses of wine with my lunch, have an afternoon nap, play tennis.”
Mr Cameron makes full use of a machine that serves high-velocity tennis balls at him on the Chequers court.
He has called it “the Clegger” after his hard-fought 7-5 victory over the Deputy PM.
Once when he was alone at the house one weekend, he called a friend to invite him over for a game of snooker.
But Mr Cameron doesn’t take his luxury retreat for granted.
He has told his kids to make the most of their weekends there.
And he insists visiting children pose for pictures with him, warning his time at the country retreat will be short-lived.
Daughter Nancy, eight, once told a guest: “Daddy says we’re to enjoy it here as we won’t be here for long.”
One observer said: “David is probably the most laid-back Prime Minister in a long time.
“He’s a world apart from Gordon Brown who beavered away 24/7. He is even tempered and easily shrugs of criticism. He takes everything in his stride and knows when to knuckle down and when to relax.”
But friends say his enthusiastic leisure time is a good sign and shows he is at ease with power.
Education Secretary Michael Gove insists weekends at Chequers, frequent holidays and set family meal times showed he was NORMAL.
He added: “He is the model of how to have a clear divide between the world of work and then relaxation so you can clear your mind.
“There are very few people who have such a finely developed capacity to do that.”