My kids take the Mickey out of me…but want the blue team to win

DAVID WOODING interviews the Prime Minister

DAVID Cameron has been taking the rough and tumble of the election campaign in his stride because his biggest critics are at home.

The PM reveals his three kids are always poking fun at him over everything from his casual dress sense to his taste in music and films.

He admits nothing helps him keep his feet on the ground more than when they tell him: “Dad, you’re so embarrassing.”

In a frank interview with The Sun on Sunday, Mr Cameron gives a rare glimpse of life in 10 Downing Street with the children he calls “the light of my life”.

He describes how he has gently explained how they might have to move out of the family home in 17 days’ time if “the blue team” fails to win the General Election. Mr Cameron also reveals how he:

CLASHED with wife Samantha over whether their kids should be allowed to have tattoos.

BLOCKED eldest daughter Nancy’s demands to have her ears pierced.

STAVES off hunger during the gruelling campaign with bags of popcorn and peanuts.

TAKES tips from former PM Sir John Major, who won the 1992 election against the odds.


The PM gently spelled out how May 7 could turn the family’s world upside down in a heart-toheart with Nancy, 11, Elwen, seven, and four-year-old Florence.

He said: “I sat them down a few weeks ago and told them what would be happening and the possible outcomes.

“They like Number 10 and would miss it, and Larry the Downing Street cat who’s become almost like part of the family.

“They know what Daddy is doing. Daddy is fighting an election, running the blue team. “They want the blue team to win. They know what happens if the blue team doesn’t win and they are very supportive. They are wonderful children. They are the light of my life.”

But he added: “They still take the mickey out of me daily, which they enjoy. To them I’m just a normal dad, who they think is a bit square and sometimes embarrassing. It’s very sobering to come home to after a day in the office.

“They rib me about, you know, anything from my CD collection to what I watch on TV.”

Mr Cameron says he is teaching his adored son to play tennis and cricket, in which he’s a good bat.

He admits Nancy, who starts secondary school in September, is already starting to act like a teenager, and wants her ears pierced.

He declared: “I’m in that fight with Nancy at the moment. We’ll probably reach an agreement over what age she can have them done. We’re in negotiations!”

And tattoos? Sam has a leaping dolphin on her right ankle and would be “fine” if her kids have body art, but her husband says they’d have to clear it with him.

He said: “I’m not a big fan. I love Samantha’s tattoo, it’s very small, very discreet. But I’d be a square dad and tell the children to think very carefully about it.” Nancy, he says, is also developing a wicked sense of humour and has made up her own jokes about Ed Miliband’s two kitchens.

He said: “She was punching the air over the kitchen jokes. She thought that was all very funny. She also loved that video of Nick Clegg set to the song I’m Sorry.”

The PM opened his heart on the Conservative battle bus on which, in between speeches, he ploughs through his ministerial red box and takes phone calls.

He revealed he’s in touch with former PM Mr Major who bounced back to win the 1992 election after being written off by pollsters.

“He is very wise and has given me some very good advice,” said the PM. “He has been incredibly supportive and I think he’s someone who it’s good to listen to.”

Mr Cameron admits to having a sneaky chuckle when he read The Sun on Sunday’s scoop about Ed Miliband leaving his notes behind — calling himself the “happy warrior” — after the TV debates.

He said: “I had notes with a few facts and figures I wanted to remember, but no happy warrior.”

Mr Cameron insists the hard, 17-day slog ahead is all about the hopes and dreams of the nation.

He says: “It’s frustrating people keep saying they don’t hear any vision from us. But there’s no bigger vision than saying to people, let’s build a country where, if you work hard, there’s a job for you, there’s an apprenticeship, a university place, a home that we can build that you can buy and own.

“There’s a family you can raise who can have a good place, there’s a good school for your child and there’s a retirement you can enjoy.

“To me that is the vision. That’s the dream most people in our country have of what they’d like to achieve. A country which, if you do the right thing, rewards you.”


DAVID Cameron reveals son Elwen laughs at his love of old westerns starring legends like John Wayne, left.

He says: “He can’t see the point. He thinks if you can watch action films like Fast & Furious why would you watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or Shane? “I hope to persuade him to try to watch spaghetti westerns one day, but he’s proving harder to convert than any die-hard voter at the moment.”

He says his kids also laugh at his music tastes, which include Radiohead, The Smiths and Pink Floyd, who wrote Dark Side of the Moon, right.

He added: “It’s a generational gap, I suppose. I get jibes such as, ‘Why do you like that rubbish music?'”


THE PM admits his blood boils when fat cat “experts” attack his bid to widen home ownership.

He blasted Lib Dems who have blocked his right-to-buy scheme and added: “We’re mad to have council houses worth a million pounds.

“If you sell one of those off when it becomes empty you could build another ten homes.”

He said: “These so-called experts who are criticising us are all people who have bought houses themselves, often very nice houses, on large salaries.

“It does make my blood boil because I think, hold on, why is it all right for you but it’s not all right for a person living in a housing association home who doesn’t have that right?”


Johnson, below, is a vital part of the election team — and is on the phone to the PM daily.

Mr Cameron said: “He’s fighting very hard. He’s out and about campaigning and I’m doing something with him next week. He’s a vital part of the teamand I’m very excited about him coming back into Parliament. He has a big role to play.”

Aston Villa fan Mr Cameron, who hopes to find time to watch at least part of their FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool today, likened BoJo to their top striker.

He said: “I have made the football analogy before but it’s like having another Benteke on the pitch.”


DEFENCE spending is locked in for ten years, with £160billion of aircraft carriers, frigates, subs and jets and other kit “guaranteed”.

Mr Cameron scoffed at Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s claim to lead the only party committed to our Armed Forces. He said: “Everybody knows that if you vote Ukip you get Ed Miliband and you get a weak defence.”

He said Britain would spend two per cent of national wealth on defence this year and next, despite his refusal to set the figure in stone.

He said: “We can’t make that pledge until the autumn when we look at spending on all departments.

“But £160billion over ten years has been guaranteed for defence and increased each year for inflation.”

Nancy’s been making jokes about Ed Miliband’s kitchens They’d miss No 10.. and Larry the Downing St cat

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