Bojo reveals his “Mafia” code for victory

DAVID WOODING interviews London Mayor Boris Johnson

ED Miliband was branded a back-stabber yesterday by Boris Johnson who vowed never to knife his own MP brother.

The London Mayor launched a blistering attack on the Labour leader over the ruthless way he snatched his party’s crown from his big bruv David’s head.

And he declared: “It’s just not something that we do in our family.”

Tory Boris said he and his rising star brother Jo will stick to a Mafiastyle code of “never, ever” turning on each other.

Mimicking the gruff tones of Vito Corleone in The Godfather, he declared: “It’s the family. We don’t do it like that … never, ever.”

In an exclusive interview, BoJo was scathing over Red Ed’s brutal knifing of his own brother in the 2010 Labour leadership battle.

He said: “He clearly stabbed his own brother in the back. There’s all this pseudo indignation of the Left whenever anyone utters those words.

“But it’s a well-known political metaphor we have been using all our professional lives.

“Nobody is suggesting David Miliband presented himself at A&E with a knife between his ribs. But however you look at it, I don’t think he was too chuffed about what happened.

“I don’t think back-stabber is a metaphor from which David Miliband would wholly dissent. In fact, he might endorse it.”


Orpington MP Jo Johnson, 43, head of the 10 Downing Street policy unit, is tipped as a future Tory leader, like his better-known older brother.

But Boris, 50, insists there is an unwritten family rule which forbids them fighting over the top job.

He said: “Jo is doing brilliantly. The manifesto is fantastic and makes an offer to voters that they can’t refuse.”

Then he quoted Michael Corleone’s words to his own brother in The Godfather.

“What is it he says to Fredo? ‘Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you, but don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again, ever.”

Bojo dismissed Mr Miliband’s “useless” record in government and claimed the Labour chief would be a “lapdog” of the Scottish National Party if he ever became PM. He added: “I don’t think he has the slightest interest in or understanding of the wealth-creating side of our economy.

“You need a strong and healthy public sector with great healthcare, schools and infrastructure but you also need the wealth-creating sector to be vibrantand dynamic and competitive.

“He is an emanation of the public sector. I don’t believe he has ever earned a penny from a free-market enterprise of any kind, from the private sector, from a business. As far as I know, all his income is wholly and exclusively from the state.”

Boris warned Mr Miliband would have to plead “on bended knee” before the SNP to get things done.

He said: “He would be the lapdog of Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond and they would be diverting big sums of investment away from the South East, away from London, away from England.

“By-passes wouldn’t get built, the A358 from Ilminster to Taunton wouldn’t get done. What would happen to Cross Rail Two? What about the hundreds of thousands of homes we need to build?”

Boris recalled how Red Ed missed a chance to create thousands of jobs when in Gordon Brown’s Cabinet.


He said: “I had some dealings with him when he was luxuriating in the post of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and we had a great plan to save money and create thousands of jobs.

“This is when the crisis had just hit, thousands of businesses were going to the wall and 190,000 people lost their jobs in a few months.

went to Miliband and said, we’ve got a great plan. You can retrofit your home so you can put in lagging and it will create jobs, save money and cut CO2and you finance it out of the future savings on energy bills.

“He wasn’t interested. He didn’t understand it. He didn’t care and I came out of that meeting thinking we’re going to have to do this on our own or with somebody else.

“Luckily, the coalition came in, produced the Green Deal, we’ve done 113,000 homes in London now, retrofitted them and CO2 has come down. So my objection to him is that he is a socialist theoretician who thinks the only problem with socialism is it has never been properly tried.”

David Cameron sees Boris, who is standing in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, as his “secret weapon” in the closest run election in decades.

He joked: “I have been weaponised by the PM. I have never really decommissioned my weapons. The warheads are pretty much on full-time ocean-going alert and are primed and ready to fire at all stages.”

As ew quipped afterwards: “Ed-o, you’re my brother and I love you, but don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again”.


LABOUR has done more to privatise the NHS than any other party yet it shamelessly peddles scare stories about Tories, Boris claims. He said: “Labour engaged in the biggest transfer of health service money into the private sector. Now we’ve been saddled with huge debts.”

The mayor thinks there is nothing wrong with private firms being used efficiently in hospitals.

He said: “Sometimes it works badly and sometimes it works well. Health care is a huge winner for Britain and we have people who come from around the world to pay through the nose.”


THE Tories will soon have more black and ethnic minority MPs than Labour, he claims.

“Yes, we are still overwhelmingly white and middle class but we are changing fast.

“We are the party that speaks for the whole of this country.”

He blames the last Labour Government for creating an immigration crisis.

“Labour betrayed people by allowing huge numbers of immigrants, legal and in many cases illegal, to come to Britain without any controls. “It was a deliberate act.”


BORIS may be posh but has only one kitchen and is happy to make that clear.

His also owns a single TV set and a battered old car to use when not on his bicycle. He spoke out on the Ed Miliband kitchens row. Boris said: “I don’t give a monkeys about how he eats bacon sarnies. I don’t even care how many kitchens he has.

“I do object to him standing for a party that will stop ordinary people from acquiring their own kitchen and moving forward with their own lives. We’re the party of kitchen construction. He’s the party of kitchen concealment.”


THE London Mayor loves being a dad and jokes his main role is to embarrass his kids.

He often sang the Jimmy Cliff hit “I can see clearly now” at the top of his voice while taking his youngsters to school.

Bojo said: “Why do my children think about having me as a father? I’ve never ever asked that appalling question. On the whole, I think inevitably they find me extremely embarrassing, but that’s the case with all fathers at some stage or another. One of our roles in life is to embarrass our children.”

Mr Johnson adds: “I used to walk them to school singing ‘I can see clearly now’ very loudly until they begged me to shut up.”

The Old Etonian dad-of-four fondly remembers his days at Primrose Hill state primary school in North London – one also attended by another political figure.

He grins: “Don’t forget, I was educated at the same school, I’m proud to say, as the party leader…Ed Miliband.

“It is a great school and I absolutely loved it. You should ask Ed Miliband whether he can remember Mr Nyman and Miss Climbie. I be he can. Mr Nyman was the music teacher.

“Mr Fox was a great teacher, too. I don’t care whether they’re free schools, academies or schools totally under the control of the council, provided they are of high standard and have happy , well-motivated pupils.”


BORIS left his Tory leadership rival Theresa May in the shade when both were asked to draw a self portrait for a collage in a Westminster hotel. Boris produced a huge, signed picture of himself, left, right beside her tiny effort on the same canvas. He says it would be “a wonderful thing” to lead the Tories but warns that first he “has t

He said: “I think, inevitably, they find me extremely embarrassing but that’s the case with all fathers at some stage or another.

“I used to walk them to school singing, ‘I can see clearly now’ very loudly until they begged me to shut up.”

The dad of four fondly recalls his days at Primrose Hill state primary in North London. He grins: “I was educated at the same school, I’m proud to say, as Ed Miliband.

“I don’t care if schools are free, academies or under council control provided they are of high standard and have happy, wellmotivated pupils.”



BORIS loves ITV’s portrayal of him in the new satirical show Newzoids.

In one episode of the computer-generated show, mop-headed Boris storms into 10 Downing Street on a zipwire. He says: “It does look like me, actually. If anything, it’s a bit flattering. It reminds me faintly of Worzel Gummidge but there is something chillingly lifelike about it.”

Mr Johnson insists his “dishevelled” barnet, he says trimmed regularly by a very nice barber at a reasonable price, is not a carefully-coiffured image. He said: “It is what it is.”

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