Ten “urgent” ops cancelled every day

TEN patients had their NHS operations cancelled every day – despite being on the “urgent” list.
Health officials revealed the number facing painful delays has nearly doubled in the past two years.
Last month 320 ops, deemed by specialists to be urgent, were cancelled.
This is up from 273 the previous month – and an 86 per cent rise on August 2010 when 172 were postponed.
Labour health spokesman Andrew Gwynne said it was “outrageous” that so many patients suffered delays.
He added: “This government is leaving people in pain and discomfort as it plunges the NHS into chaos.
“At the election David Cameron promised to protect the NHS but he is betraying patients by axing 5,000 nursing jobs and inflicting budget cuts.
“The Prime Minister needs to get a grip. Patients are paying the price for his failings and they deserve better.”

2 comments on “Ten “urgent” ops cancelled every day

  1. Jason says:

    With companies like Johnson and Johnson , Abbot Scientific , AXA , Roche , Medtronic , Merc , Norvartis , Phizer and Roche being in a tax free deal in Ireland and only paying vat here and tax of 12.5 % no wonder the NHS is in trouble . These are the biggest suppliers to the NHS and get almost all the tenders . This is why the NHS is going too fail . The best healthcare system in the world is going to collapse due too this .

  2. Raymond says:

    Mr Cameron is needing employ more NHS nurses and stop using agency nurses in the NHS as he gets five nurses on the NHS compared to two Agency nurses for around the same money, and NHS nurses are more caring than Agency nurses as NHS nurses are in the same Hospital and Wards every day, which also allows them to get more experience, where agency nurses can get moved about from ward to ward and from Hospital to Hospital, so they tend to have the attitude that if they are not working in the same Hospital or ward they don’t care as much as NHS Nurses who are there all the time. Mr Cameron needs to bring back Ward Sisters and Matrons, we didn’t have all these germs in the hospital when we had nursing sisters and matrons. Mr Cameron is needing to cut back on the amount of managers we have running the NHS, all they do is give each other wage rises and pass the buck, how many NHS nurses could we employ in the NHS if we got rid of the managers that are not needed, again its the case of to many chiefs and not enough NHS Nurses.

    PS. No I don’t work for, or am I related to anyone that works for the NHS, I only know what I have Seen going on over the years.

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